Our first item: The Wooden Collar


There was this fascinating idea to create a collar out of wood. Wood is a material you do not often see in combination with fashion. So we decided to change this and started to work with it to place this natural material around your necks.

An idea was born, but with it came one of the most difficult steps – to find a carpenter. Not an ordinary carpenter but one who likes to experiment. One who is interested in bringing this eternal material into a new context. One with enough passion, modernity and an asthetic eye to take this idea forward with us.
After several calls and mails we came across Bernhard Policzka, a carpenter, who we found has the right attitude to be part of this.

We were lucky, because he liked our idea and he loves to make unique objects out of wood. This led to intensive talks and the development of the collar with him and Andreas Wunderl.

The biggest hurdles to cross were to find the right shape and a functional way to close the collar. Fortunately Andreas found this elegant solution using magnets, which is convenient, graceful and pure. We are all fans of purism and clarity which our initial trials with hinges and garden pool foil could not provide.

There are several reasons why working with Berhard gives us pleasure. To mention a few: Everything is handmade and he only works with local wood which he chooses conscientiously. Beside his amazing work in building furnitures, he is open minded, likes to work with new ideas and is not afraid of crossing the line. His studio and house is completly handmade by him and some local artisans. It is located in a village called Unterammergau in Germany and it immediately teleports you to a fairy tale in the Alps.

If you are interested in how Bernhard has made the collar please watch our video. Besides viewing the photos of Bernhard’s studio, you can also see pictures of the collar in our online shop.

We hope you like the wooden collar as much as we do and you are glad to learn about it’s origin.

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