Where we manufacture our clothing


A great design needs a great factory to bring the idea to life. So we spend a lot of time to find the right manufactory for us. Next to the importance of quality it is very important to us how employees and service providers are treated and how we interact with each other. In the end we found the small nice factory in Hungary, which comply both points: quality and fairness.

The first time we arrived in Bekes, a little quiet place three hours away from Budapest, we could not imagine a manufactory there. That is why we were really surprised when we get to know the nice and generous premises and the people there. The team of approximately 20 people are very experienced workers and have a high quality awareness.

The first room, next to the office and the conference room, is the cutting room where the tailors cut the fabrics with great craftsmanlike skill. In the second room, the sewing room, they professionally stitch the different patterns together. In the third room they give the finishing touch to the cloth. The cloth gets carefully ironed and before it is packed they conduct a quality check.

We really liked the atmosphere and it did not take us long to decide that we want to work together with this manufactory. We are really thankful that we found this manufactory and hope to work together for a long time in the same great way like we started.

If you want to see more have a look at the video of the production.


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