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About Mitra, our graphic artist


Born in Teheran, Iran, young Mitra knew very early where her interests lie: colours and forms. Since she could think, she loved drawing and soon not only her family, but also her teachers recognized that there was a lot of talent in this girls mind and even more creative ideas! After she had finished school, Mitra decided to study communication and design in Aachen, Germany, to get all the professional knowledge she needed to realize her exuberant ideas. Twice she went abroad, to Australia and London, and she describes both as forming experiences, especially when she comes to think of all the unbelievable impressions she caught in London. Inspired by the art, the interesting places and even by details she spots in the streets Mitra developes her own view of the worlds shapes and colours with every single day in order to innovate, create and translate her sense of art into modern graphic patterns. Now working as a freelancing graphic designer, Mitra also enriches our team with her exceptionally work. You can see her artistic designs on our homepage, but also on every little label that is tacked on our collections pieces. So if you feel as avid as we […]