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Where we manufacture our clothing


A great design needs a great factory to bring the idea to life. So we spend a lot of time to find the right manufactory for us. Next to the importance of quality it is very important to us how employees and service providers are treated and how we interact with each other. In the end we found the small nice factory in Hungary, which comply both points: quality and fairness. The first time we arrived in Bekes, a little quiet place three hours away from Budapest, we could not imagine a manufactory there. That is why we were really surprised when we get to know the nice and generous premises and the people there. The team of approximately 20 people are very experienced workers and have a high quality awareness. The first room, next to the office and the conference room, is the cutting room where the tailors cut the fabrics with great craftsmanlike skill. In the second room, the sewing room, they professionally stitch the different patterns together. In the third room they give the finishing touch to the cloth. The cloth gets carefully ironed and before it is packed they conduct a quality check. We really liked the […]

akjumii & Loden Steiner


Between traditional manufacturing and new style — akjumii and its cooperation with Loden Steiner 1888 When we saw this checked fabric we were immediately impressed by its beautiful structure and the fascinating colours: a deep and dark black sea blue broken by lines of flashing velvet pink! The soft and lightweight properties of the material and our idea of a modern and perfectly cut suit just fit perfectly together and into our vision of the new men’s suits for our first collection! Already inspired by the great fabric, we wanted to learn more about the manufacturer, Loden Steiner. Since 1888, five generations of this family-run company have cared to develop and improve the production of finest wool textiles while giving guarantee that all the Steiner products are 100% natural and processed in Austria. As we are always looking not only for quality but also for fair production conditions, the philosophy of Loden Steiner was a further reason for our decision for the beautiful fabric we spotted at the Munich Fabric Start trade show for textiles. If you are as curious as we are to know all about high quality textiles and their socially concious and environmentally friendly production, just have a look at Loden Steiner. So we finally have the pleasure to present  you a suit, in which you will […]

Our first item: The Wooden Collar


There was this fascinating idea to create a collar out of wood. Wood is a material you do not often see in combination with fashion. So we decided to change this and started to work with it to place this natural material around your necks. An idea was born, but with it came one of the most difficult steps – to find a carpenter. Not an ordinary carpenter but one who likes to experiment. One who is interested in bringing this eternal material into a new context. One with enough passion, modernity and an asthetic eye to take this idea forward with us. After several calls and mails we came across Bernhard Policzka, a carpenter, who we found has the right attitude to be part of this. We were lucky, because he liked our idea and he loves to make unique objects out of wood. This led to intensive talks and the development of the collar with him and Andreas Wunderl. The biggest hurdles to cross were to find the right shape and a functional way to close the collar. Fortunately Andreas found this elegant solution using magnets, which is convenient, graceful and pure. We are all fans of purism and clarity which our initial trials with hinges and garden pool foil could not provide. There are several reasons why working with Berhard gives […]